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This component allows for a substitution of the functional area posted to within availability control for commitments and actuals postings. This is not valid for budgeting.

In doing so, you can check the commitments and actual postings against the budget and releases of other functional areas. You also have the option of summarizing several functional areas in one functional area of budgeting.

You have the following information available for the derivation:

  • FM area : I_FM_AREA
  • Functional area: I_FAREA

You can determine the functional area (E_FAREA_CHECK) to be checked from it.

The budgeting must also be performed in the functional areas to be checked. Please note that it must be ensured using organizational measures because this prerequisite is checked neither in budgeting nor in availability control.

The source text example contains the simplest type of substitution in which the budgeting is performed independent of the functional area, whereas the commitments and actuals postings are separated according to functional areas.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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