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With this SAP enhancement, you can define a customer exit with which you can assign a WWI destination to the current generation order. The WWI destination specifies to which generation servers the order can be distributed. The generation orders are distributed by the system among the different generation servers assigned to a specific WWI destination depending on the workload, meaning a generation order is distributed to the server that currently has the lightest workload at the time of distribution.

The customer exit is in the function group XC1A. The call is in the function C12K_WWIDEST_DET in the function group C12K.

The following parameters can be used to determine the WWI destination:

Input parameters

If this indicator is set, only destinations of the destination type GEN/PRN can be selected (see Customizing for Product Safety in the IMG activity: Check WWI Destinations and Assign Generation Server).
All relevant generation data (see DDIC structure RCGGENEDAT)

Output parameters

  • E_DEST
Set WWI destination
Individual error message. If this is not maintained and the module triggers an exception, the standard error message "Customer exit SAPLC12K_001 was aborted with an error" appears.

In the customer exit, the WWI destination can be set depending on the data in the structure I_GENEDAT_WA (for example, depending on the report language I_GENEDAT_WA-LANGU). The destination is stored in the output parameter. If the customer exit is not active, the destination is determined as was previously the case (see OSS Note 153233 section Changes to report generation for Patch Level 3 or the documentation on the IMG activity Check WWI Destinations and Assign Generation Server).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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