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This customer enhancement lets you manipulate the search result. You can delete, change, or insert:

  • Objects in the search result
  • Values assigned to objects
  • Selection criteria

You can manipulate data for a specific class type, class, or function call (finding objects or checking for identical classifications).

Finding objects includes all calls of search modules CLSC_SELECT_OBJECTS, CLSE_SELECT_WITH_GIVEN_OBJECTS, and CLSC_SELECT_OBJECTS_FROM_CLASS.

If you check for identical classifications, you can change the search result by deleting or inserting all the objects found.

Changing the selection criteria may be used to set new selection criteria for the next search.

The customer exit differs from filters as follows:

  • You can change the selection criteria and values assigned to objects.
  • You can use it in any function that uses the modules for finding objects - not just in transaction CL30.
  • You can use your own logic to check for identical classifications.

Before you activate the exit, you must check carefully whether the changes made in the exit cause errors. In particular, the changes must not include values for objects that have been deleted from the search result.

To avoid unwanted side effects, include a query on the Sy-tcode in the exit. The modules for finding objects are called in about 60 places, including BOM explosions. In case of errors, class items in a BOM may be replaced by the wrong object or not replaced at all.

To see exactly where the modules are used, run a where-used list.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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