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Customer-Specific Enhancement for Making Compensation Adjustments

When making adjustments to variable compensation components, you can make adjustments to a specific wage type either in the basic pay, or in the additional payments. If you want to make specific adjustments of values, (for example in a customer infotype), you can use the the user exit provided.

You receive the following input parameters:

  • You can use the following output parameters:
  • _RETURN return structure

In addition, you can create an exception to the standard coding:


This exception tells the system that an error occured when making the compensation adjustment. In this case, the status of the employees involved will not be changed in infotype 0380 for the relevant compensation adjustment.

Remember that in a user exit, Commit is only possible if

_NOCOMMIT = ' '. Otherwise, it is possible, for example, that certain payments will be increased more than once. It is recommended that you use the HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION function module when you update infotypes in a user exit. (The _RETURN return structure is also available in this function module.)

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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