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This customer enhancement allows you to perform customer-specific checks.

If the customer enhancement is left with an exception, the order cannot be saved.

Messages must be processed starting from the customer enhancement.

  • Example 1:
A customer wants the order to always include a long text. If the order does not have a long text, an exception is sent and, as a result, the order cannot be saved.
  • Example 2:
A customer wants to ensure that only certain people are authorized to set certain priorities.
  • Example 3:
A customer does not authorize certain people to change certain fields. To do this, the original status must be determined within the customer enhancement. This can be performed by using the following function module: function co_bt_caufv_old_read_with_key

You can use the set parameter RELEASE_ORDER to control that the order is put in process as soon as it is saved.
Note that this customer enhancement is also processed for the maintenance plan call or for the immediate order from the notification. An exception message here results in a program termination. (If you want to prevent this, request the transaction code (SY-TCODE) in the customer enhancement.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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