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In batch determination for production orders and process orders, the batches are selected according to certain criteria. These criteria can be determined in various places:

  1. The component was classified in the production order or process order.
  2. The component was classified in the sales order BOM.
  3. A batch selection was entered for the component in the sales order or there is a strategy for the customer/material etc..
  4. The component was classified in the material BOM.
  5. There is a batch search strategy for the component.

(A batch search strategy is also necessary for batch selection according to variant caharacteristics, consequently this selection criterion is handled in point 5.)

This is the order the selection criteria are used in the R/3 standard system.
For example, if a component is classified in the production order and the material BOM, then the classification from the production order is used for batch determination.

With this customer exit you can change the priorities above.

The exit has the following input parameters:


Order header


Order item


Reservation for which the batch determination is to be carried out.

The BATCHSELTAB can be changed together with the field

The table is transfered with the following contents to the customer exit:

SELID SELPRIO Explanantion
PRODORD 1 Process or production order
CUSTBOM 2 Sales order BOM
CUSTORD 3 Sales order
BOM 4 Material BOM
SEARCHSTRAT 5 Batch search strategy

If you initialize SELPRIO or delete a line in the table, the corresponding selction criteria are no longer taken into account during batch determination.


You have classified a component in the BOM and there is batch search strataegy for the component.
You want the system to use the search startegy before it uses the classification in the BOM.
In this case, you change SELPRIO for BOM to 5 and for SEARCHSTRAT to 4.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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