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You can use function module exit EXIT_SAPLCORD_005 in ERP inbound processing to change the data for manufacturing and planned orders that are to be sent from SAP APO.

The order headers are contained in the IT_APOORD table. The OBJECTTYPE field specifies whether this is a planned order (OBJECTTYPE = 5) or a manufacturing order (OBJECTTYPE = 6). If the CONVERTNOW field is not blank for a planned order, this is a planned order conversion sent from SAP APO.

Detailed data for the orders is contained in the following tables

Table   Data
IT_APOOPR   Order operations
IT_APOREQ   Capacity requirements (not processed in the ERP system)
IT_APOINP   Order components
IT_APOOUT   Order items
IT_APOREL   Relationships (not processed in the ERP system)
IT_APOORDX   Checkbox fields for order headers
IT_APOOPRX   Checkbox fields for order operations
IT_APOREQX   Checkbox fields for order capacity requirements
IT_APOINPX   Checkbox fields for order components
IT_APOOUTX   Checkbox fields for order items
IT_APORELX   Checkbox fields for order items
IT_APOORDA   Append structures for order headers
IT_APOORDA   Append structures for order headers
IT_APOOPRA   Append structures for order operations
IT_APOREQA   Append structures for capacity requirements
IT_APOINPA   Append structures for order components
IT_APOOUTA   Append structures for order items
IT_APORELA   Append structures for relationships

Basic Notes

  • The tables with checklists are not currently transferred filled by SAP APO. The checklists are generated in ERP inbound processing using function module CIF_APOORDER_CONVERT_TO_R3. Therefore, we recommend that you do not make user-specific supplements to the checklists using the function module described here, but that you use the components of enhancement PPAPO007. There, you can also find more information on using checklists.
  • The tables with append structures are used to transfer user-specific fields to the referenced customer includes along with the orders. The user is responsible for filling and editing these fields, which must both be programmed in a suitable enhancement.

Tables for CDP Scenario

In the CDP scenario, characteristic values for order nodes can be transferred to the ERP system. These can be found in the IT_CU* table. Their structure corresponds to the configuration BAPI structures that are extended by the node key. The valuations for the node are stored as ERP configurations.

Note: Entries with obj_usage 'IR' do not contain configuration characteristics, they contain batch selection criteria for input nodes.

Example: IT_CUVAL

  • Node keys




  • Counters










  • For more information about the structure BAPICUVAL upon which the table is based, see the documentation for variant configuration in SAP APO, section "EDI for KMATs."
  • All lines with the same node key contain characteristics values for the associated node.
  • In the IT_CUINS table, you can find cross-characteristic information for the associated configuration.
  • The contents of the IT_CUCFG table are not used because only single-level configurations are sent here.
  • The IT_CUBLB IT_CUPRT and IT_CUVK tables are also not used here.
  • The IT_CU*X tables contain the corresponding checkbox fields that are sent from SAP APO in this case. Deleting the CT_CUINSX-INST_ID field means that the corresponding complete valuation of the node is ignored. Deleting the CT_CUVALX-CHARC field means that the corresponding individual characteristic value is ignored.
  • The IT_CU*A tables contain the corresponding append structures.

Technical Note

This enhancement module is processed in CIF inbound in the ERP system. It is called in the ERP system by an asynchronous qRFC from SAP APO. You are therefore not using the dialog process and no messages can be issued.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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