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This enhancement allows you to display or maintain additional fields for the street route. Each function module is responsible for the field display at a certain hierarchy level for displaying/maintaining street routes. This responsibility derives from the short text of the corresponding function module. This means that you can use function module EXIT_SAPLEL40_001 to display additional fields at device level. The contents of the additional fields can be transferred to the TEXT1, TEXT2... variables of structure y_additional_output. The length of these fields can be transferred to variabes TLENGTH1, TLENGTH2. You can also control the color, the intensity, the column position, and the text type of the field contents. You can use include LEL40FND form NODETAB_GERAET_ZEILE as an example for the filling of structure y_addtional_output.

Each function module contains two import parameters. Import parameter x_obj is identical in all function modules and already contains information from the database. If the fields to be displayed already exist, you can avoid unneccesary access to the database. The other import parameter is different in every function module and contains the object that to be displayed. It also contains a large amount of information from the database.

Data can also be read directly from the database. Note that database access can have an effect on the program runtime. See the SAP performance notes for more details. The memory area of function group XEL4 can be especially affected as it contains all function modules.

Exception handling: Generally, all messages from category E and A are intercepted by the calling program and forwarded with e-message E891(E9) stating the name of the function module. Messages from categories S, I, and W are forwarded in their original form.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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