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EXIT_SAPLF050_001 -

EXIT_SAPLF050_001 -

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Where do you find the exit?
You can find the exit in the program which creates an IDoc

  1. For distributing the general ledger, that is for accounts with external account management (function module FI_IDOC_CREATE), message type FIDCMT
  2. For distributing general ledger balances, that is for accounts without external account management (function module FI_IDOC_CREATE_FROM_ROLLUP), message type FIROLL
  3. For complete FI documents (function module FI_IDOC_CREATE_FIDCC1), message type FIDCC1
  4. For complete FI documents (function modules FI_IDOC_CREATE_FIDCC2), message type FIDCC2.

What can you do with the exit?
You can put customer-defined fields which you have included within a coding block enhancement into the IDoc and in this way distribute these fields to other systems. You can also save other fields in the IDoc, such as ones determined using substitution.

How do you do that?
The SAP program creates an IDoc for each document or for general ledger balances as follows:

  • The IDoc FIDCMT01 for message types FIDCMT and FIROLL

  • The IDoc FIDCCP01 for message types FIDCC1 and FIDCC2.

An IDoc consists of several segments.
After creating an E1FIPOS segment each time for message types FIDCMT and FIROLL, or an E1FISEG segment for message types FIDCC1 and FIDCC2, the program branches into the exit module and enables you to save your customer-defined fields in a separate segment which you have previously defined.

The BKPF FI document header, the current BSEG FI line item, and the last line item's IDoc segment from which you can read your customer-defined fields are available in the exit module for message types FIDCMT, FIDCC1, and FIDCC2.
Only the last line item's IDoc segment is available for message type FIROLL.

After you have filled your own segment, transfer it to the CUST_SEGMENT_DATA parameter. In addition, enter the name of your segment in the CUST_SEGMENT_NAME parameter and the name of the enhancement type in the CUST_EXTENSION_TYPE parameter.

Examples of user exits:
CUST_SEGMENT_NAME = 'Zxxxxxxxxx'. "Own segment name

Only add your own segments to the IDoc created by SAP. Otherwise the consistency of the IDoc is put at risk.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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