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EXIT_SAPLF050_005 -

EXIT_SAPLF050_005 -

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User exit ALE FI, message type FIDCC2: Outbound IDoc in sender system.

User exit 005 is called up twice during processing.

  1. The first call takes place during online processing in function module FI_IDOC_PREPARE.
  2. The second call takes place at the time of the update.

During online processing, a copy of the complete FI document is transferred to the user exit (BKPF, BSEG).
This could also be a cross-company code document, in which case, for example, two documents are transferred.
During online processing, the system checks whether ALE FI, message type FIDCC2 is active for the document concerned. In addition, using the user exit you can also prevent the IDoc being sent.
If the system determines that an IDoc should be created for the FI document, the system writes the clearing information in the FI document during online processing (BSEG-AUGBL = 'ALE external').

At the time of the update, a copy of the complete FI document is transferred to user exit 005 (BKPF, BSEG, BSEC, BSET, ACCIT_WT for extended withholding tax).
This could also be a cross-company code document (for example, two documents), from which one IDoc is created for each document.

In the user exit, you can change the FI documents and send the changed documents as IDocs via ALE.

In addition, an indicator NO_DISTRIBUTION = 'X' can be returned from the user exit if this document is not to be distributed. If the indicator is zero, that is, it is not changed, the document is sent as an IDoc, as long as the relevant settings have been made in ALE Customizing.

In user exit 005, the changed fields of the FI document (copy) are sent in the IDoc but the company code can no longer be changed. The ALE Customizing setting is checked for the original company code and the IDoc sent accordingly.

Since the user exit only contains a copy of the FI document, changes to fields may not have any effect on the original FI document in the sender system. The original FI document is posted in the sender system, not the copy.
Any changes are only passed on and sent in the IDoc. It is only in the receiving system that an FI document with changed fields is posted from the IDoc.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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