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This function exit enables you to to modify the names and texts of consolidation units and groups that are generated when a consolidation group hierarchy is created during the transfer of companies, business areas or profit centers. You define the rules for combining IDs, which are used to generate the names and texts of the EC-CS organizational units.

The following values are passed on to the function exit when it is called:

  • I_DIMEN: the dimension in which the EC-CS organizational units are created.
  • I_CSORGUN: the EC-CS organizational unit ('1': consolidation unit, '2': consolidation group), for which the names and texts are generated.
  • I_CONDENSE: the grouping category of the consolidation group hierarchy. When the organizational unit is a consolidation unit (EC-CS organizational unit='1'), the grouping category is always '0' (no grouping). When creating IDs and texts for a consolidation group hierarchy, then the grouping category depends on what the consolidation type is (see the Customizing of the rules for combining IDs).
  • T_ORGUNS: a table that contains (a) the created names and texts created for the given consolidation unit or group and (b) the names of the organizational units used for their construction in accordance with the combination rule. The T_ORGUNS-ERROR field is set accordingly if an error occurred when the standard name or text was created.
  • I_T_ORGUNTXT: a table that contains the texts of all organizational units that were required for creating the standard names and texts of a consolidation unit or group. This table enables you comfortably access the texts that are stored in the master records in case you want to use these - in whole or in part - as the text of the EC-CS org unit. This text has a maximum length of 30 characters.

You return your modified names and texts to the calling program in the T_ORGUNS table.


Assume that you want to create names and texts of consolidation units for Business Area Consolidation. The fields and tables passed on to the function exit could have the following content:

  • I_DIMEN = '02'
  • I_CSORGUN = '1'
  • I_CONDENSE = '0'
    1000 A CO_1000-BA_A 1000/A
    1000 B CO_1000-BA_B 1000/B
    2000 A CO_2000-BA_A 2000/A
    1 1000 Co. 1000
    1 2000 Co. 2000
    2 A Cons B/A A
    2 B Cons B/A B

Your modifications might look like this:

    1000 A 100-A Co. 1000 - Cons B/A A
    1000 B 100-B Co. 1000 - Cons B/A B
    2000 A 200-A Co. 2000 - Cons B/A A


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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