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You use this function exit to define the names of the fields in the rollup sender table. These are the fields that contain the organizational units (such as company code, company, etc.). This is only required if the field names, which are automatically determined by the system, produce undesired results.

When determining the field names, the system uses the data elements that are associated with the fields of the sender table. The system always chooses the first field that uses a data element that is firmly defined for the account assignment. Following is a list of the account assignments and their associated data elements, which the system looks up:

  • BUKRS - company code
  • RCOMP_D - company
  • RASSC - partner company
  • GSBER - business unit
  • PARGB - partner business unit
  • KOKRS - controlling area
  • PRCTR - profit center
  • PPRCTR - partner profit center
  • RACCT - G/L account or cost element
  • No data element is associated with the group account.

You should use this function exit to convey the correct field name to the system if any of the following applies:

  • These rules determine a field in the sender table, that produces an undesired result.
  • The system cannot determine a field.
  • You would rather use the Group Account field for the data transfer.

To do this, you send the name of the sender table (I_FROMTAB) to the function exit, which in turn returns the names (which you defined) of the account assignment fields to the calling program (rollup). Following is a list of the fields, in which you specify the field names of the sender table:

  • E_BUKRS_FNAME - company code
  • E_COMP_FNAME - company
  • E_PRT_COMP_FNAME - partner company
  • E_GSBER_FNAME - business area
  • E_PRT_GSBER_FNAME - partner business area
  • E_KOKRS_FNAME - controlling area
  • E_PRCTR_FNAME - profit center
  • E_PRT_PRCTR_FNAME - partner profit center
  • E_SAKNR_FNAME - G/L account or cost element
  • E_ALTKT_FNAME - group account

Simply ignore the account assignments that are not contained in your sender table.

The following example and the Include LXC01F08 help clarify the general process flow of the exit.


Say, you want to transfer data from the summary table of Profit Center Accounting (GLPCT) to EC-CS Consolidation. Normally you would not need to use this exit. The list below shows the field names that the system itself would determine and return to the calling program. The purpose of this example is only to illustrate the handling of the function exit.

Here is an example of how your program code could like like:

E_BUKRS_FNAME = 'RBUKRS'. "field name for company code
E_COMP_FNAME = ' '. "company is not assigned
E_PRT_COMP_FNAME = 'RASSC'. "field name for partner company
E_GSBER_FNAME = ' '. "business area is not assigned
E_PRT_GSBER_FNAME = ' '. "partner business area not assigned
E_KOKRS_FNAME = 'KOKRS'. "field name for controlling area
E_PRCTR_FNAME = 'RPRCTR'. "field name for profit center
E_PRT_PRCTR_FNAME = 'SPRCTR'. "field name for partner prof. center
E_SAKNR_FNAME = 'RACCT'. "field name for G/L acct/cost elem.




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