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CPA583B - Controller &24 failed. Packet-level time-out. (C G R) ( OS/400 )

CPA583B - Controller &24 failed. Packet-level time-out. (C G R) ( OS/400 )

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Message : CPA583B
Controller &24 failed. Packet-level time-out. (C G R)

Message Long Text :

Cause . . . . . : The probable causes are:
-- The network is not responding to X.25 packets within the required time limit.
-- The local system received a Diagnostic packet.
Recovery . . . : The local system sends a message to the system operator message queue (QSYSOPR) or the configured message queue whenever it receives a Diagnostic packet. Use the Display Messages (DSPMSG) command to determine if the local system received a Diagnostic packet.
If the local system sent a message to indicate that it received a Diagnostic packet, follow the instructions in that message.
If the local system did not receive a Diagnostic packet, contact the X.25 network operator to determine if the X.25 network is operational.
If the problem continues, report the problem (ANZPRB command).
Possible choices for replying to message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :
C -- Cancel recovery and inform any applications that are waiting for an operation that the recovery has been canceled.
G -- Start the automatic communications recovery again as defined by the communications recovery limit (CMNRCYLMT) for line &23.
R -- Try the operation one more time.
Technical description . . . . . . . . : The error log identifier is &22.
An X.25 packet-level time-out has occurred between the local system and the X.25 network. A Diagnostic packet may have been received from the network due to a potential configuration problem. If so, another message will be displayed indicating its receipt and probable cause. Call packet time-outs may also occur when two systems interconnected without a network (using a modem eliminator or equivalent) both attempt to call simultaneously. This type of operation is not recommended.
The error code is &40:
The error codes and their meanings follow:
42003240 -- Time-out on RESET request packet.
42003280 -- Time-out on CALL request packet.
42003284 -- Time-out on CLEAR request packet.
The X.25 cause code is: &41 (&47).
The X.25 diagnostic code is: &42 (&48).
For more information on X.25 cause codes and diagnostic codes, see the X.25 Network Support book, SC41-5405.

Message File : QCPFMSG
Library Message File : QSYS2924

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This documentation is copyright by IBM.

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