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QRY2283 - Selection error involving field &7. ( OS/400 )

QRY2283 - Selection error involving field &7. ( OS/400 )

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Message : QRY2283
Selection error involving field &7.

Message Long Text :

Cause . . . . . : The query did not run because of a comparison operand involving data from field &7 (in record &28 of file &3 in &4 if other than *N). The &7 data is not necessarily incorrect, since the operand could be an expression involving other fields and constants as well as &7, or it could require some sort of conversion that could not be performed successfully.
To determine the specific cause of this problem, and to see if additional problems have been encountered in processing other fields or records, use the Display Job Log (DSPJOBLOG) command or press F10=Display messages in job log.
Recovery . . . :
If the problem occurred running a saved query definition, make sure the query is using the latest file information. If a selected file could have been deleted and created as a new file after the query was saved, use the WRKQRY command to change and save the query, then run the query again, or use the record selection option of the RUNQRY command.
If the problem occurs using the latest file information, correct the data, remove the selection test that keeps the query from running, redefine selection tests in such a way that the test causing the problem never has to be used for the records from which the incorrect data would come, or use a processing option that causes the incorrect data to be tolerated.
Some examples:
-- If &7 is a field in file &3 in &4 and the value in record &28 is displayed or printed as a string of plus (+) characters for the default query for the specified member, ask the owner of the file to correct the data. Or, if the field is a numeric field and you are using Query for i5/OS and want to ignore decimal data errors, go to the Specify Processing Options display and type Y in the Ignore decimal data errors prompt. Then run the query again.
-- If the problem is diagnosed for *N or some unfamiliar name, look for a field that is displayed or printed as a string of plus (+) characters in some records when the test in which it is used is removed. Display the messages in the job log for information that might help you correct the problem without removing the selection test. If there is no additional information, make an additional change to select the field for sorting records and try again.

Message File : QQRYMSG
Library Message File : QSYS2924

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This documentation is copyright by IBM.

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