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DCW Expertise from the Ground Up

DCW has proven itself as a useful business software for many years. Whether you need support and maintenance or are planning to switch to SAP – we are the ideal partner for all questions concerning DCW.

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Your DCW Partner for All Cases

Companies that use DCW are in the best hands with us: we are one of the few IT consultancies with DCW know-how and consultants who, as former DCW employees, were actively involved in the development of the software. The ERP system, which runs on IBM’s AS/400 (iSeries) and was specially developed for the accounting and materials management system of medium-sized companies, was discontinued on 1 July 2004, with version 3.5 being the company’s last standard product.

As a partner with extensive DCW experience, we will support you in migrating to a modern SAP system such as SAP S/4HANA. Should you wish to continue using DCW for longer, we will advise you on projects and provide support for ongoing care and maintenance as well as optimisation of the system.

DCW2SAP – the Fast Way to Migrate

Has your DCW system reached the end of its life cycle? Or maybe you want to future-proof and digitise your company? With the DCW2SAP methodology we have developed, the move from DCW to SAP is extremely fast, low-risk and cost-effective. We have successfully proven this in more than 50 DCW migration projects. Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the DCW system, there is no need for time-consuming research regarding the previous system. In addition, we already have standardised data migration tools at our disposal. Benefit from our in-depth know-how and many years of experience with DCW.

DCW Consulting

We offer DCW users comprehensive consulting services – be it for international implementation projects or when it comes to integrating acquired companies into the DCW system. Since many of our DCW clients operate internationally, we have experience with DCW implementations on all continents. We adapt the system to any changes in the company and harmonise newly added data such as addresses, charts of accounts or reporting structures or design elements with existing inventory data and merge them.

DCW Support

We support you in the ongoing care and maintenance of your DCW system: in addition to troubleshooting, this includes regular adjustments, for example, to legal requirements such as e-balance sheet or SEPA, to international standards such as SWIFT or to operating system changes. We also adapt your system to changes in the company, such as new locations, spin-offs or incorporation of divisions, or mergers and acquisitions.

If you want to continue using DCW for a while longer, it is advisable to optimize it. We offer an automated precheck for this purpose: with it, we analyse AS/400 in general, for example, the libraries and disk space, the database and functionality, such as processes. Based on the precheck and with our on-site consulting, we make concrete suggestions on how to make your DCW system fit for the next few years.


Our Approach

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Your Migration to SAP S/4HANA
Our DCW Service

Time for a new ERP system? With our in-depth DCW knowledge and our many years of experience with DCW migrations, you will succeed in making the switch quickly and with minimal risk. By switching to SAP S/4HANA, you are setting your company up for the future and creating the foundation to take advantage of all the opportunities digitisation has to offer.

Companies who wish to continue using the DCW system for a while longer have the ideal partner with us. We know everything there is to know about DCW, bring your system up to date and adapt it precisely to your needs. We will also be happy to take over maintenance and care, so that you can concentrate fully on your core tasks.

We will be glad to help.

Do you need support with your existing DCW system or are you considering moving to SAP S/4HANA? You are welcome to contact us!

Ansgar Broese
SAP Financials Business Unit Leader