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Whether you are planning a migration to SAP S/4HANA, want to carry out a carve-out or need support with basic projects – first we ask and listen. We want to know exactly where you stand and what your goals are. For us, this is the basis of every project. After all, our know-how and many years of experience are important, and it’s even more important that we speak your language. Only in this way can we find out what solution you need. Together with you, we lead your project to success. Determined, hands-on, responsible. You can rely on us.



Are you struggling with big data and too many different interfaces? Are the many manual tasks robbing you of time? The question is no longer whether you should digitise your company, but only when – and that regardless of the size of the company and the industry you are working in. If you want to remain competitive in the long term, you need a holistic digital strategy – not just for IT systems, but for the entire company. This is because the digital transformation means integrating digital technologies and solutions into all areas of a company. This requires a rethink of how things are done, and operational processes must be put under the microscope and restructured, including accompanying change management.

There is no standard concept for intelligent, digital companies. To enable you to tap into the full potential of digitalization along the entire value chain, we provide you with comprehensive advice on your systems and processes and create an individual roadmap.

We show you how to use the SAP S/4HANA Digital Core to interlink your applications, data and services, and how to use intelligent technologies in such a way that you can, for example, upgrade your production and manufacturing to Industry 4.0. We also support you in structuring interfaces with the help of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) or in quickly achieving concrete results in automation.

Roll outs consolut

International Roll-out

For globally active companies, it is important to standardize their IT and roll out proven processes globally: Harmonized SAP processes across international locations offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency as well as process reliability and help reduce costs. Uniform corporate standards worldwide are best introduced with an SAP rollout of a global template solution.

Our approach

First, we define a global template – this can also be done on the basis of a prototype or an existing country organization. In the next step, we work out the requirements of the country-specific laws and processes in fit-gap workshops. According to these specifications, we extend the global template with the respective country-specific requirements and implement them.

In-depth country knowledge and language competence

We have project experience in over 60 countries, including China, the USA, Brazil and Mexico in addition to European countries. Our SAP experts know the country specifics and understand their requirements for the rollout in the respective country, but also the goals of your company. They not only speak your corporate language, but often also the local language at your sites. With this knowledge, we develop the optimal rollout strategy for your company and implement the rollout quickly and cost-effectively. Benefit from globally standardized processes and structures.

Migration consolut

The Path to SAP S/4HANA

An experienced partner who knows what is needed is critical to the success of an SAP S/4HANA migration. We support you with our expertise, project methodology and technologies, and work closely with you throughout the project. After thorough analysis and preparation, we implement your migration project according to your individual roadmap in an agile and fast manner; so you can achieve your goal with confidence.


Your path to SAP S/4HANA begins with a detailed analysis of your current situation and business goals in a joint roadmap workshop. In this workshop, we look at the opportunities and risks of migration. We also clarify whether an on-premises or cloud solution, a greenfield implementation or a brownfield upgrade is right for you.

Business Value

There is no question that switching to SAP S/4HANA brings numerous benefits – from lower costs to more efficient processes to higher productivity. For those who want to know exactly how high the savings and improvement potentials can be, we recommend an analysis with the tool SAP Process Discovery for SAP S/4HANA Transformation. This tool identifies weaknesses within the company’s own processes and enables process efficiency to be subjected to a standardised industry comparison.

Technical Migration Analysis

First, we check your system requirements with a readiness check, which is a form of an automated data analysis. This is followed by the precheck, in which we subject your systems to additional checks in the form of individual code analyses, and bring our entire consulting experience to bear on the evaluation of the data. You will receive a recommendation for the best course of action and a detailed offer for an SAP S/4HANA migration.

Into the Sandbox!

If you want to see for yourself how SAP S/4HANA performs before you decide on a changeover, what you need is a sandbox. We offer setting one up for you according to your wishes and requirements. In doing so, we build the sandbox based on your production system, with the advantage that you can test SAP S/4HANA in advance with your own data – a personalised look into the future, so to speak. If required, we can also offer you the appropriate cloud hosting and operate your sandbox cost-effectively at one of the proven hyperscalers.

The consolut Methodology

In our proven consolut Prisma methodology, preparation and analysis are followed by detailed design and implementation – from data migration to the Fiori user interface and reporting. We customise your system landscape to meet your needs and guide you step-by-step through the transition to go-live and beyond. We work in an agile manner to achieve the desired results quickly and effectively.

The Right Tools

We have the right tools for the technical migration of your data. Typically, we build the new system in parallel with your current operations, test it, and – depending on the approach you choose – go live in a “big bang” or step-by-step manner. We then take care of the fine-tuning, reworking, maintenance and, if desired, the integration of additional technologies so that you can fully exploit the digital potential of SAP S/4HANA.

M&A consolut

Mergers & Acquisitions

Due to their strategic relevance and complexity, mergers & acquisitions and the resulting carve-outs are among the greatest challenges facing companies. As a rule, both mergers and carve-outs should happen quickly and business operations are to continue undisturbed. Early involvement of IT is therefore essential for the success of transaction projects.

Reaching the goal with the “SAP2SAP” migration suite

Central to a merger is the consolidation of IT systems. The goal is to integrate the new company into your own system landscape. We advise you in detail on how to consolidate your SAP systems so that you can achieve your goals, and provide intensive support throughout the entire project and afterwards. For the technical migration we use, among other things, the consolut migration suite “SAP2SAP”, a solution that has proven itself for almost all SAP platforms. This enables us to carry out even complex projects largely automatically, saving time and minimising costs and risks.

How to achieve successful carve-outs

When a company is carved out from a company, we work according to the “clone and delete” principle: using a special tool, we transfer the data to be removed from the source system and clean up the critical data. We pay strict attention to documentation and retention requirements, as well as compliance, so that only data that may be transferred leaves the company. A particular challenge with SAP systems are the complex links between the tables. For this reason, we thoroughly test the systems to ensure that, on the one hand, all data to be deleted is eliminated and, on the other hand, no important data is lost due to cut links. Throughout the project, we work closely with you and, after the data migration, check that all systems are functioning – with virtually no interruption to operations.

Basis Projects consolut

Basis Projects

Nothing works without SAP Basis: From installation and maintenance to updates and migrations – our Basis experts keep your SAP systems running smoothly. And that both on premise and in the cloud.

SAP Business Technology Platform und Cloud Integration
SAP on Azure
SAP On Premise

SAP HANA Cloud & Data Lake

With SAP BTP and SAP HANA Cloud, data silos are a thing of the past:  SAP HANA Cloud and SAP HANA, Data Lake, allow for the quick and agile saving and storage of different data sources. This enables a wide variety of analyses, such as big data processing, linking or real-time analyses up to their connected on-premise systems. Our experienced Basis experts advise you on the appropriate data management strategy and its implementation.

SAP High Availability

The high availability of SAP on Azure infrastructure ensures that you are always on the safe side. The various technologies implemented within an Azure data centre ensure that systems function even if individual components fail. For additional security and reliability of mission-critical applications, data centres are distributed across Azure regions and availability zones worldwide.

SAP HANA System Replication

Use your SAP databases virtually around the clock with zero downtime with SAP HANA System Replication. Together with the SUSE SAP High Availability Cluster solution, you can run your business-critical systems in the Azure Cloud, on premise or in hybrid operation with maximum security and availability. Our Basis experts show you what options are available and how you can achieve 24/7 operation of your SAP landscape.


Whether kernel, database or operating system updates – they represent a challenge for every SAP IT in terms of time, organization and content. Our Basis and OS experts show you how to achieve fast, repeatable results with minimal effort through automation, both in the Azure Cloud and on premise.

SAP S/4 HANA Migration & Upgrades

Migrating to SAP S/4HANA is more than a technical change. It is a revolutionary step that transforms your entire business. We have extensive experience with SAP S/4HANA installations, data migrations, and upgrades. We also conduct a comprehensive analysis of what the migration means for custom developments or add-ons to your current system and help you transfer them where possible.

Database/Operating System Migrations

Whether for cost, security or functionality reasons, sometimes it is necessary – and advisable – to migrate the operating system or database. Our SAP Basis migration experts can not only help you find the right strategy, but also migrate your applications and data to new platforms.

Performance Optimisation

Even with the best maintenance and precautions, system performance can sometimes become impaired. But we know what to do: whether it’s the hardware, the basic system settings or the structure of the SAP programmes, we find the cause and fix it.


The consolut approach

Gut consolut

Only satisfied with the best

With our excellent know-how, our project experience in over 40 countries and a lot of passion, we always look for the best solution for you.

Consulting is our top priority

We want to precisely understand your requirements – this is the key to our high-quality process consulting.

Working together for success

We cultivate a partnership of equals with our customers. Because the best results are achieved together.

We will be glad to help.

Do you have questions about our services or would you like advice on your future projects? You are welcome to contact us!

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